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kish fair symposium 2016
23 to 25 february

TAKFA in kish steel symposium

2016 Iran Steel Symposium 23-25 February
Kish International Convention Center
B hall 56 booth

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About us

TAKFA Group of companies, uniformly working under the brand name TAKFA, has been active in engineering services of steel plants and direct reduction plants for almost a decade. Various projects have been carried out in steel production chain and auxiliary units such as fume treatment and also SVC modules to name a few.

TAKFA’s management team have a decade of experience in design and engineering of the different parts of steel facilities such as direct reduction, melt shops and rolling mills but following the 2009 recession and the cessation of both green and brownfield projects, TAKFA agilely moved commercial activities and supplying steel plants with spares and equipment to the top of their priorities. When it comes to sourcing specific commodities or finding market for your products, we extend our expertise to give required solutions thru our global network based in UAE, Switzerland and China.

In addition to having own processing facilities, TAKFA has successfully created partnerships with renowned and reputed manufacturers from around the world assuring our customers of our capability to supply them with high quality products at competitive prices backed with required metallurgical and technical support. At the same time we are committed to our suppliers in providing them with consistent market support...




Environmental Pollution Control Technologies

Since 1980 FIVEMASA is manufacturing customised solutions for controlling environmental pollution in any type of industry.

Bag filters

High temperature ceramic filters

Cyclones, Multicyclones.

Electrostatic precipitators


Dry and Semidry gas absortion...

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Rongxin Power Engineering (RXPE) is a leading international developer and provider of high voltage power electronic solutions

Global demand for steel continues to grow and if you intend to be part of this boom, you’ll want to boost the throughput and production volume of your plant. What you need now is an electric arc furnace that is simply top of the line. That combines high capacity with maximum availability. That flexibly processes different charging materials.

That can produce a range of steel types – without long tooling times that slow down production. At the same time, it is crucial to reduce costs – both when investing and during ongoing operations.

by john doe
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Orind Special Refractories manufactures complete range of high quality refractories for various industries

Our experienced technical experts are always available at our customers' end to providing solutions in an interactive manner. GROUP COMPANIES ORIND SPECIAL REFRACTORIES (P) LTD.

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Products and services

Graphite Electrode
Ferro Alloy
Coke & Carbon
Thermocouple & Sampler
Dedusting Plant
Air Separation Unit
Direct Reduction Plant
Pelletizing Plant
Rolling Mill

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